• Audit report on the status of compliance with current regulations.
  • CE marking of equipment and creation of technical files.
  • Drafting of user manuals.
  • Certificate of execution of works and installations.
  • Structural calculations.
  • Certificate of solidity.
  • Periodic reviews of machinery, material, and structures.


  • Development of assembly, exploded and construction plans.
  • Rendered. Writing of Memories.
  • Measurement and budgets.
  • Structural and kinematic calculations.
  • Direction and constructive follow-up.
  • Certificate of regulatory compliance and structural soundness.
  • Drafting assembly and/or use manuals.


In a theater, where does the work of a machinist end, and that of a rigger begins?

We think that to be a complete machinist you have to get to rigging and of course, to be a good rigger (in a theater) you have to be a machinist. Otherwise, we are unaware of a large part of the machinery and systems of a stage box and we will not have the resources and skills of a driver when it comes to operating on stage. This is not just placing engines, not in a theater.


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