Sylphide, Scenic Certification at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

PROJECT: Structural Stability Study for the Scenography of “Sylphide”.

Taga Proyectos Escénicos prepares the Structural Stability Certificate for the scenography of “La Sylphide,” featured in performances by the prestigious National Dance Company at the iconic Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.

This project represented the fusion of creativity and technical precision to ensure safety and artistic excellence in each performance. Our commitment is to guarantee the structural integrity of this magnificent scenography.

Structural stability certificates ensure that scenic structures meet the necessary safety and stability standards for their secure use in theatrical performances or live events. They serve to ensure that the scenography is safe for both the artists working on it and the audience enjoying the show.

Collaborating with ProEscen allowed us to merge our skills and knowledge, thus raising the standard of scenic engineering. We are grateful to have contributed to the success of La Sylphide and to have been part of this artistic experience.

CLIENT: Proescen




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