Quality Policy

The mission of TAGA PROYECTOS ESCÉNICOS is to provide its services with the highest quality, attending to the particularity of each client in order to adequately cover their specific needs.

It is a mission that is based on personalized, attentive, trustworthy and quality service.



TAGA was created to meet needs that were not covered until then in the scenic engineering market. In this sense, the future of TAGA is linked to our commitment to meet the new needs detected in the performing arts market, especially the needs that have arisen due to technical, legislative and regulatory evolution.



Our commitments are based on:

  • Personalized service: Excellent attention to our clients, attention to their specific needs, and understanding of their specific problems.
  • Commitment and involvement of partners: Both partners acquire the same level of commitment and adherence to the mission, vision and values ​​of TAGA.
  • Update: Be alert to new market needs to be able to offer a service appropriate to legislative and technical changes.



QUALITY: Our services and products are of high quality.

They perfectly comply with the established parameters and current regulations. We constantly strive to add value to our work and to achieve continuous improvement of the products and processes carried out.

EXPERIENCE: Years of work and a multitude of projects guarantee our extensive experience. With top-level collaborations, and with prestigious clients, we have been able to offer and demonstrate our mastery of the scenographic world.

PASSION: We enjoy what we do. We are passionate about the world of theater and set designs. We strive to offer the best personalized service, doing something we love.

To achieve this, improvement objectives are defined that will be reviewed in predetermined periods.

The relationships of our organization, internally with our collaborators and externally with suppliers and clients, will be honest, objective and upright, always recognizing the dignity of the person as a member of the team.

19th of January 2023


TAGA works closely with:

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